ÅF Offshore Race 2017

Notice of Race (as PDF) 21 June 2017
Date: June 29th - July 6th 2017
  Start in Stockholm July 2nd 2017.
Restart in Sandhamn may be  necessary depending on weather conditions.
Finish in Sandhamn.
Organizer: The Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS
Rating: Rating system for the ÅF Offshore Race will be in SRS (Swedish Rating System) and ORC International.
Boats competing in ORCi will be double-scored in SRS for the overall trophy.
  • SRS according to SRS table 2017 or SRS measurement certificate dated 2017, with SRS rating not less than 0,85.
  • ORC International with General Purpose Handicap (GPH) up to and including 770,0
  • Shorthanded according to SRS table 2017 or SRS measurement certificate with a SRS rating of at least 0,85. A minimum of 15 entries is required for a shorthand class.
  • Multihull according to SRS table 2017 or SRS measurement certificate dated 2017, with SRS rating not less than 1,06. A minimum of 5 entries is required for a multihull class.
  • Classic Class according to SRS.

The total number of competitors is restricted to approximately 300.

1. Rules

1.1 The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017-2020.

a) RRS Part 2 is replaced by the right-of-way rules of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) between 23:00 and 03:00.

b) The prescriptions of the Swedish Sailing Federation will not apply.

1.2 The SRS rule will apply for SRS. International Measurement System IMS and ORC Rating Systems will apply for ORC International. 

1.3 World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Category 3 will apply with the following amendments: 

a) One fire extinguisher must be reachable from cockpit.

b) Emergency navigation lights, according to paragraph 3.27.3, do not have to comply with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea concerning light angles (2.03.3).

c) One (1) suitable anchor with suitable combination of chain and rope or weighted line, ready for immediate use. Boats of 8.5 m (28’) LH or larger shall also carry a second anchor ready for immediate use but without requirements on chain / weighted line. (changes OSR 4.06).

d) Inflatable life jackets must have been inspected after 2017-05-01 by the person in charge and the auto inflation devices expiry dates must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

e) All boats shall carry either a storm trysail as defined in OSR 4.26.2 c), or mainsail with reefing to reduce the luff. (changes OSR 4.26.2 d).

f) A classic boat with construction limitations that make it impossible to fulfil World Sailing Special Regulation Category 3, may apply for exemption. Such application shall be received at the KSSS office in Saltsjöbaden no later than the 1st of June, (regatta@ksss.se)g) The requirement for training according to OSR 6.01.1 when there are only two crewmembers, will not apply.

1.4 Swedish competitors shall when racing follow the licensing rules for advertising as decided by the Swedish Sailing Federation.

1.5 Boats shall in accordance with World Sailing regulation 20 display advertising chosen and supplied by the organizing authority.

1.6 RRS 51 is modified to allow the moving of canting keel and declared water ballast only. All other movable ballast as defined by RRS 51 shall be subject to that rule.

1.7 RRS 52 will not apply.

1.8 The penalty for breaking rule 55 will be at the discretion of the protest committee (DPI) and rule 36 will not apply.

1.9 All boats shall be equipped with AIS and have it in active mode (transmitting and receiving) when racing.

1.10 In the area for the race Stockholm - Sandhamn heavy commercial traffic will appear. A boat shall not impede the passage of commercial shipping – see COLREGS rule 9.

2. Eligibility requirements

2.1 Competitors shall comply with World Sailing regulation 19. The person in charge shall be at least 18 years old.

2.2 Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance.

2.3 A boat shall hold valid VHF certification when her national authority requires this.

2.4 Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The organising authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.

2.5 A boat racing may be required to accept a journalist/photographer or other person, appointed by the Race Committee, to stay on board during the race. Such a person does not count as part of the crew weight.

2.6 A boat racing may be required to carry positioning and/or camera equipment on any given position on board during the race. Such equipment shall be in transmitting mode during the race. The Race Committee will provide the equipment.

2.7 Classic Yachts are defined as boats launched before the 1st of January 1968, and remained mainly conformal to her original plans. She has a hull made of wood or steel. Alternatively, a replica built anytime, which is built in conformity with or is a copy of an existing boat, or according to an original one off design before the 1st of January 1968. The Race Committee decides if a boat is allowed to enter as a Classic Yacht.

2.8 Boats less than 7 meters’ length are not allowed unless approved by the Race Committee. 

2.9 Crew shall consist of a minimum of two persons.

2.10 Except for the crew, up to five more people are allowed on-board from start in Stockholm after approval by the Race Committee. Each boat is responsible for these having left the boat not later than passing Sandhamn Stångskär lighthouse.

2.11 By participating in this event competitors grant to the organizing authority and their sponsors, the right in perpetuity to make, use and show, from time to time at their discretion, any photos or any motion pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproductions of the athlete and boat during the period of the competition without compensation.

2.12 The person in charge shall follow the rules for racing license as decided by the Swedish Sailing Federation. Competitors from other countries than Sweden are exempt from this requirement.

3. Entries

3.1 Entry shall be made not later than June 1st 2017 online at the KSSS website www.ksss.se. Entries may be accepted until June 17th 2017 at an additional fee. Such entries require acceptance by the Race Committee.

3.2 The advance entry shall include the following:

a) rating certificate registered in Sweden - a valid rating certificate shall be accessible at the Swedish Sailing Federation website not later than June 1st 2017, 

b) boats with ORCi certificate shall have their certificate valid and online (www.orc.org) no later than June 1st 2017.

The rating certificate may not be changed after June 17th 2017 except as a result of a rating protest or to correct adjusted data from the rating office. This changes RRS 78.2. 

3.3 The entry fee is:

ORC/SRS/Multihull   Late entry:
Boats < 40 feet SEK 3 900 SEK 5 800
Boats 40-50 feet SEK 5 500 SEK 8 200
Boats  > 50 feet SEK 9 600 SEK 14 400
Yachts ≤ 40 feet SEK 3 900 SEK 5 800
Yachts  > 40 feet SEK 5 500 SEK 8 200
Shorthanded SEK 2 900 SEK 4 800

The entry fee is paid via the entry form online www.ksss.se

3.4 Confirmation of entry after online payment of entry fee according to 3.3. Information on how to log in on www.ksss.se for completion of details on the boat and crew will be sent by e-mail from the beginning of June. If an entry is withdrawn before June 17th 2017, the entry fee will be repaid after deduction of an administration fee of SEK 1 200.

4. Registration and inspections

4.1 Registration shall be made at the Race Office in Stockholm not later than July 1st 2017 at 15:00 hours after having completed the mandatory information about boat and crew on the www.ksss.se and upon completion of the safety inspection and the delivery of the Safety Inspection Protocol and Disclaimer of Liability signed by the person in charge. 

4.2 The safety inspection will take place in the temporary harbour at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. Safety inspections made at the Sandhamn Open Regatta 2017 will be valid for ÅF Offshore Race 2017.

4.3 A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with her rating certificate, Class rule, World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations, Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

5. Sailing Instructions

5.1 The sailing instructions will be published online on www.ksss.se in the middle of June. Starting list and starting order will be distributed at the skippers meeting.

6. Time schedule


Thursday June 29th
09:00 Harbour in Stockholm open for mooring
12:00 – 20:00 Race office open
12:00 – 20:00 Registration and safety inspection
18:30 Opening Ceremony
Friday June 30th
10:00 – 20:00 Race office open for registration and safety inspection
16:00 Latest time for mooring (all participating boats)
Saturday July 1st
09:00 - 20:00 Race Office open
09:00 - 15:00 Registration
09:00 - 14:30 Safety inspection
18:00 Skippers meeting
Sunday July 2nd
08:00 Race Office open
10:55 First warning signal 
20:30 Possible restart in Sandhamn depending on weather conditions
Wednesday July 5th
18:15 Prize Giving Ceremony in front of the Race office in  Sandhamn
followed by Regatta Dinner
Thursday July 6th
Reserve day for Prize Giving Ceremony.

6.2  Please note

a) that for boats participating in both ÅF Inshore Race and ÅF Offshore Race, safety inspection and registration have to be carried out no later than Friday June 30, at 20:00.

b) Latest time for mooring for all participating boat will be Friday June 30 at 16:00. After that time no later arriving boats will have access to enter the harbour and starting area.

7. Racing area

7.1 The racing areas will be between Stockholm City and round the island Gotland in the Baltic Sea. The starting area is situated in Stockholm inner harbour close to Kastellholmen.

8. The course

8.1 The race starts in the centre of Stockholm and runs through the archipelago, via Sandhamn, clockwise round the island Gotland and finishes in Sandhamn. The total length of the course is approximately 350 nautical miles.

For the Classic class, the race starts in the centre of Stockholm and runs through the archipelago, via Sandhamn, west of Gotland to Visby and back to the finish in Sandhamn. The total length of the course is approximately 250 nautical miles.

The courses will be described in the Sailing Instructions.

8.2 The entire courses (approximately 350 or 250 nautical miles) shall be sailed nonstop except if weather conditions will force the Race Committee to abandon the archipelago part (approximately 40 nautical miles). If so there will be a restart close to Sandhamn.

8.3 While racing, boats shall not enter areas that local government or other regulations say are forbidden to enter, forbidden to pass or otherwise. These areas are obstructions as defined in the RRS.

9. Protests and penalty systems

9.1 In addition to RRS 64.1a, a boat may be penalized with an addition of up to 10 % of her elapsed time as decided by the Protest Committee.

10. Scoring

10.1 Appendix A4 does not apply. The boat with the shortest calculated time will win and others will be ranked accordingly. Boats recorded as DNS, DNF, RET, DNE or DSQ will not be ranked.

10.2 SRS will use Time on Time scoring. ORC International time allowance will be based on the Performance Curve Scoring System, Ocean for PCS.

11. Prizes

11.1 Perpetual trophies.

11.2 Only boats that finish the race may compete for rounding prizes.

11.3 KSSS prizes in each class according to the number of boats entered in the class: one prize for every five boats or part of five up to eight prizes per class.

11.4 A plaque will be given to each crewmember on competing boats.

//KSSS ÅF Offshore Race Committee 2017



Information ÅF Offshore Race 2017

Information about the race, i.e. Mooring Plan, Starting Area, Starting Order and Social Events etc. will be published at the event website www.ksss.se.

Regatta Chairman: Magnus Woxén - regatta@ksss.se 
Entries/certificates: Lotta Ridelberg - regatta@ksss.se - +46 8 556 166 93  
Safety equipment and inspection: Thomas Frimanson - thomas.frimanson@telia.com

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Category 3 can be found at www.sailing.org.
A Swedish version of Category 3 can be found at www.ksss.se 
It is not required but it is strongly advised for participating boats to be equipped with a life raft.


Participating boats have to moor at the latest 16:00 hours on Friday June 30st and do not pay any mooring fee in designated areas in Stockholm from June 29th to July 2rd and in Sandhamn after finish until Thursday July 6th. For further information, contact the harbour master at afor.hamnen@ksss.se

Boat Yard Service

Full facilities are available in a few places and, for hauling out, lifting and launching. For details, see addresses below:

Sune Carlssons Båtvarv
Saltsjö Pir
Bullandö Marina

Official Speed records

ÅF Offshore Race official speed records are registered at World Sailing Speed Record Council and can be reviewed at www.sailspeedrecords.com. The speed records are 14,38 knots for Multihull and 10,88 for Monohull. 

Swedish Sailing Federation’s Rating System SRS certificate for foreign boats

Foreign boats need to apply for SRS certificate (free of charge) from the Swedish Sailing Federation, (www.svensksegling.se/Forbatagare/SRS/InformationinEnglish/).


A Media Office will be provided both in the race village in Stockholm and in Sandhamn. All visiting accredited media representatives will be welcome. Media representatives wishing to cover the event are requested to contact KSSS media representative Mats Olsson at mats@ksss.se

Regatta Dinner

The Regatta Dinner in Sandhamn, will take place immediately after the Prize Giving Ceremony Wednesday July 5th. Tickets for the dinner may be reserved beforehand; further information will be posted at www.ksss.se  

Disclaimer of Liability

Competitors agree to be bound by International Sailing Federation Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the Sailing Instructions and the Notice of Race. Competitors agree to take any and all responsibility for nautical qualities of their boats, the rigging, the crew’s ability and the safety equipment. Competitors also agree to take any and all responsibility for damages caused to third party or its belongings, to themselves or to their belongings, ashore and at sea as a consequence of their participation in the Regatta, relieving of any responsibility for KSSS and all persons involved in the organisation under whatever qualification and to accept full responsibility for the behaviour and dress of the boats crew, representatives and guests. Competitors are to be aware of World Sailing part I Fundamental Rule 4: “The responsibility for a boats decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone”. In any case, Competitors agree that the KSSS, the sponsors and their agents have no responsibility for loss of life or injury to members or others, or for the loss or damage to any vessel or property. As part of the registration process, the person in charge on all boats will be required to sign a declaration accepting this disclaimer or liability. 

//KSSS ÅF Offshore Race Committee 2017

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