• Artemis Racing launches its America’s Cup Class Yacht

    2017-02-22 - America's Cup

    Artemis Racing's new race yacht, “Magic Blue”, was christened today by Torbjörn Törnqvist's wife, Natalia, at a special celebration in Bermuda. The launch sees the culmination of more than three years of intense design and development work, which began al ...

  • New Framework Agreement Creates Strong Future For The America’s Cup

    2017-01-25 - America's Cup

    A vision for the future of the America’s Cup has been agreed by current competitors that would see long-sought stability and continuity in the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport.

  • 2017 America's Cup tickets on sale from 9th December

    2016-12-08 - America's Cup

    Tickets for the 35th America’s Cup, taking place in Bermuda from May 26th until June 27th 2017 will go on sale at www.americascup.com from Friday 9th December. A full range of tickets will be available with options to suit every need.

  • Easier and cheaper to sail around Gotland

    2016-11-10 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race, KSSS

    This summer the Swedish Royal Yacht Club will celebrate the 80th anniversary of their classic race around Gotland in the ÅF Offshore Race. To make it much easier and cheaper to take part the organizers will remove the rule that require a life rafts and ch ...

  • First day's results

    2016-10-01 - Kappsegling, KSSS

    Sunny ending of the first day of the seasonal regatta with 540 participant boats In a bright and sunny autumn weather, KSSS annual Olympic sailing weekend, opened today on the waters of Baggensfjarden outside the society´s headquarter in Saltsjöbaden. An ...

  • Extremely fast ÅF Offshore Race

    2016-07-06 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race

    A repeated favourite did it again when Jimmy Hellberg and his PAC-MAN won the big SRS class in the ÅF Offshore Race (previously round Gotland Race) for the second time in a row.In the championship class, Jacob Wallenberg came to the start with a boat he h ...

  • Beautiful night in the Baltic

    2016-07-05 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race

    After a beautiful night in the Baltic the bridges at Sandhamn are starting to be filled up with ÅF Offshore Race boats. From nine thirty Monday evening until seven o´clock Tuesday morning app. 30 boats have reached the finish.

  • Fastest race in ages!

    2016-07-04 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race

    The wind forecast for Monday and Tuesday promise good wind between NW and SW on the Baltic. Along Gotland´s east coast there will be between 3 and 7 m/s och down by Hoburgen the wind will probably be around 7 – 10 m/s during Monday afternoon.

  • Today's starts

    2016-07-03 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race

    Today´s starts were compact with mild changing winds. In the first start, SRS C, some boats tried their luck with spinnakers, among others Mithril, but they had to take it down again.

  • Finnish Sisu

    2016-07-02 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race

    Lara Harrison is skipper on the Finnish boat Finnflyer 31, Amidala, built 1982. She has a crew of five and is one of the many (19) Finnish participating bats. It is the second time Lara sails ÅF Offshore Race. Last time was in 2012, and then as a crew mem ...