Lovisa Karlsson second in Big Boat but aiming for the Olympics

2015-06-30 - ÅF Offshore Race Second in ORCi Big Boats was Blixt Pro Sailing, a TP 52 with a crew of 15 persons and with Tomas Blixt as skipper, who has won many ÅF Offshore Races.

On board was also Lovisa Karlsson. Lovisa sails Laser Radial and is aiming for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020. Lovisa is one of Sweden´s best dingy talents and at a ceremony at the Volvo Ocean Race Stopover in Gothenburg last week she received a scholarship from Mange Olssons memorial foundation.

Lovisa is now aiming for the world’s top and sailing her first ÅF Offshore Race and tells us about the differences in sailing Laser and a TP52.

- When I am sailing Laser I hold rudder and trim and race on feeling. Now it has been more peeking and then go back and talk to the helmsman and then make a decision, says Lovisa and continues:

- It is more important to keep a big boat steady and not steer too much. It is also different when there are more people on board. You have to cooperate compared to the Laser where I do everything by myself. But it is nice to have someone to talk to…