ÅF Offshore Race 2016 is coming!

2016-06-30 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race ÅF Offshore Race 2016 is now in the starting boxes. Today all five, almost 100 meter long new constructed bridges, are nearly empty but on Saturday there will be almost 300 boats moored, prepared to head off on one of Europe´s toughest and most classic offshore races. This year we have 45 foreign boats from 13 countries, most of them from Finland and Germany. In the class ORCi B for example, there are 18 boats of which 13 are from countries outside Sweden.

One of the news this year is that we now sail clock wise with Gotland to starboard.A total of 1750 sailors take part and a significant trend is that there are more and more female sailors a trend that KSSS gladly notices, not at least while we have a “female” boat of our own, Avantime, with a crew of ten ladies all from KSSS.

The weather forecasts are good and we expect hundreds of thousands spectators will come to Skeppsholmen and Stockholm to see the starts on Sunday.
The party is on!.