Fastest race in ages!

2016-07-04 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race The wind forecast for Monday and Tuesday promise good wind between NW and SW on the Baltic. Along Gotland´s east coast there will be between 3 and 7 m/s och down by Hoburgen the wind will probably be around 7 – 10 m/s during Monday afternoon.

This means that from Hoburgen up to Sandhamn it could hopefully be reaching in stable winds. This also means that the fastest boats should arrive in Sandhamn before Midnight Monday evening.

The forecasts for Tuesday is almost like the one for Monday. Perhaps the wind will be a little more from NW than from SW and will probably be 5 – 10 m/s. A little bit less before midday and a little bit more after midday. There could also be some showers at sea during Tuesday, but it will not be continuously. 

This year´s ÅF Offshore Race should be a nice trip for most of the participants.