Today's starts

2016-07-03 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race Today´s starts were compact with mild changing winds. In the first start, SRS C, some boats tried their luck with spinnakers, among others Mithril, but they had to take it down again.

The boats in SRS C start 2 had among others many beautiful Linjetts that first was in a dens group before they halted due to decreasing wind. Fastest over the starting line was Dehler 29 Citrus.

The only false start in the race was in SRS DH and it was Shogun that was too early over the starting line, but after the compulsory restart, she was rapidly back in the race and sailed up to the group. Pac-Man, last year’s total winner in SRS, made a great and fast start among the otherwise scattered start.

Arcona 430 Etoile de Mer in SRS A took the start but Grand Soleil 42R Wonder Boo Sai soon reached and passed. Lady A and Teknova/Albatross was also battering in the lead.In SRS A Farr 30 Happy Yachting made a fabulous start. After them there were Dymanat, Blue Café and Couple Consult.

In the Big Boat start the Dutch Tonnere was first followed by the Finnish Tokio II. Both had very nice winds. As usual the starts finished with the beautiful Classic yachts and Britt-Marie and Gerdny, Both SK 95 were first over the line.

Early evening Regina 2.0 leads ORC A before Muchacha II and DataCom and in ORC B TeamPro4you leads followed by Stormsteg and Reval Café.