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Vision for ÅF Offshore Race

Together, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, City of Stockholm, ÅF and our partners organize the largest annual event in Stockholm, with a high environmental profile.

Our long-term goals are:

  • Showcase the unique city that Stockholm is in
  • Create an annual event in the same location
  • Create one of the world's most prestigious regattas¨
  • Have at least 300 boats with access to the event area
  • Use the "green" the values of the sport of sailing to promote Stockholm as an environmentally friendly city in close proximity to the water
  • Create an experience-based events through a vibrant and open area in central Stockholm
  • Make sailing into an arena sports
  • Make the race publicly available
  • Create great media interest, both nationally and internationally

ÅF Offshore Race is a world class sailing festival. Moving the start to the center of Stockholm will open the opportunity to market the city with an internationally recognized competition and large-scale event.

Responsible Editor KSSS-Publicerad 2017-06-06