Record & Upload Video

ÅF Offshore Race celebrates 80 years of sailing around Gotland with a big TV-production. We are also introducing the role of Media Crew onboard every boat in the race, tasked with documenting the race with moving images.

The only thing needed to film is a mobile phone or a tablet with an internet connection. All recorded video can be uploaded here:

  • Record and go to
  • Create a user account with your e-mail address or login using Facebook.
  • Select your boat in the list, combined with your Reporting Number
  • Write a Headline and upload the video.
  • Don’t leave the page until the video is finished uploading.

All videos uploaded and approved will be published on the race’s Play Channel Content may also be included in a live production during the race.

To encourage great filming, we are introducing a prize for the best media boat, receiving a Helly Hansen jacket, a weatherproof iPad from Solidsport and a 30% discount on the Entry Fee for ÅF Offshore Race 2018.

Only videos uploaded before 12:00 (noon) on Wednesday the 5th of July will be considered. Use the hashtag #ÅFORLIVE when you share your videos on Social Media.

The winner will be decided by a jury.

To simplify the work of the Media Crew and to know what the jury will be looking for, has created an instructional video describing how you film onboard in the best way HERE.

Good luck!

Responsible Editor KSSS-Publicerad 2017-07-01