Measurement Check

The purpose of the measurement checks are to safeguard that the participating boats will sail on the same conditions, thus creating an equal playing field where the contestants feel confident that everyone is sailing according to the same rules. The measuring checks aim at verifying that the dimensions of boat and rig conform to the dimensions indicated on the measurement certificate on which handicaps are calculated and that the boat sails with the equipment prescribed by the regulations.

The check is done on a random basis on two occasions:

Before starting at Skeppsholmen

A number of boats are chosen randomly for inspection. This is shown with a red check mark on the measurement control box on the status list. All other boats have a green check in the box.

Typical controls are:

  • Measurement certificate: General review
  • Sails: Readable measurement labels where measured dimensions of the actual sail is in compliance with the numbers stated in the certificate. Sails without measuring labels may be physically checked/measured.
  • Number of sails on board: According to the certificate. 
  • Storm sails within specified dimensions.
  • Measuring bands on mast and boom
  • Rig dimensions: Spin pole, Bow sprit, Fore triangle base, Mast and boom, Foretriangle height: are within the stated dimensions in the certificate
  • Saloon table: if stated in the certificate
  • Forward accommodation: if stated in the certificate
  • Internal ballast: where applicable

After the finish in Sandhamn

Selected boats, preferably those with advanced positions will be checked immediately after finishing. The control aims to ensure that the boat has sailed with the correct equipment as defined in the measurement certificate.

Typical controls are:

  • Number of sails on board
  • Interior equipement:   i.e saloon table, forward accommodation, safety equipment

In addition to this, other boats and other dimentions may be checked at the Race Management's discretion both at Skeppsholmen and after the finish.

Responsible Editor KSSS-Publicerad 2019-01-22