Reporting via SMS


A boat shall via text message/SMS report passings and roundings as listed in SI 17.3.

The boat's reporting number shall be used when reporting, not the sail number. Your reporting number is in the e-mail confirming your entry and on the banner you will get at registration.

A boat shall report:

  • Reporting number
  • Boats’s name
  • Passing/rounding mark
  • Time for passing/rounding.




Send message to +46 (0)70 90 32 04 15 40 (please note the number is longer than standard format)

Format: “Rep No | Boat Name | Mark | Time

Example: “009 BALLAD VISBY 13:45:05

If it is not possible to establish text messaging (SMS) contact as above, reporting shall be made as soon as possible to KSSS Race Control via telephone +46 (0)8 571 534 56 or text/SMS +46 (0)73 592 74 89.

Responsible Editor KSSS-Publicerad 2019-01-22