KSSS History - a look back in time

The Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS, is Sweden's largest and oldest yacht club and one of the five oldest in the world, formed 15 May 1830. The Royal Swedish Yacht Club is also the oldest yacht club in Europe, outside the British Isles. The Royal Swedish Yacht Club has around 5,000 members, around half are juniors. The number is important as the organization is sometimes seen as a organization for adult sailors. Currently (2015) there are 554 sailboats and 376 motorboats registered in the Club.

The Royal Swedish Yacht Club was founded in Stockholm in 1830 under the name Swedish Yacht Club. In 1878 the club received royal status and its current name Royal Swedish Yacht Club. The Society was formed at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm by some of the city's entrepreneurs, who under the joint flag wanted to organize regattas in the vicinity of Stockholm. The Royal Swedish Yacht Club was to become Sweden's second major non-profit sports association after Uppsala Swimming Club.

The club's major growth period came during the 1900s the first 20 years. Sail boats had become manageable in size and cost, and several new classes born. During the 1920s and 30s the club received international appreciation through the good efforts of sailors Sven Salén, Erik Akerlund and Erik Lundberg. Active sailing activities in the bays around Sandhamn contributed to the club's reputation. In the 1960s, plastic boats arrived and the number of boats increased further. This also meant the big breakthrough for the regatta Round Gotland. The competition has since then been the major Swedish test of courage for the Swedish ocean racers, and is now regarded as an international offshore racing of the highest order. Today, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club is one of the leading clubs in boating with active members spread throughout the country.

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