• Top score for HiQ 4 in ÅF Offshore Race 2019 hosted by Royal Swedish Yacht Club

    2019-07-03 - ÅF Offshore Race

    It was perhaps one of history's toughest race when the 83rd vintage ÅF Offshore Race was settled in the beginning of the week. After a tight sailing out through the world's most beautiful archipelago, the sailors met a hard westerly wind with a high seas. ...

  • Preliminary results ORCi in ÅF Offshore Race 2019

    2019-07-02 - ÅF Offshore Race

    In the ORCi classes there were 50% international participants from Germany, Finland, Estonia, Great Britain, Russia, Poland, Lithuania and Norway. The Norwegian entry Enderpearl was the largest participating boat, 76 feet.

  • Refanut has finished first again!

    2019-07-02 - ÅF Offshore Race

    Refanut finished as the first boat in the ÅFOR Classic class just after 22:00 on Monday. Refanut was built in 1955 and is good for the hard weather, but it was still messy, Fredrik Wallenberg, skipper, comments.

  • It is always nice to beat old records

    2019-07-02 - ÅF Offshore Race

    It is a happy Bouwe Bekking coming ashore in Sandhamn after the Record race. To beat the record speed CQS set from 2017 with almost 2 knots is of course one of the reasons to call this year´s ÅF Offshore Race as “quite a nice trip”. But Bouwe is also humb ...

  • Swedish around the world sailor: “Good seamanship to retire from the race”

    2019-07-02 - ÅF Offshore Race

    The boat Jennifer, a Beneteau Oceanis 500 with Lars Hässler as skipper is a real global sailor. She has sailed a distance compared to almost eight rounds around the world. The reason the skipper made the decision to retire at the beginning near Kopparsten ...

  • HiQ first to finish on new record time

    2019-07-02 - ÅF Offshore Race

    HiQ 4 finished 16:04:09 with new record time. The official record on average speed is now 13,01 knots. The old record with CQS 2017 was 11,02 knots. That means that HiQ 4 sailed ÅF Offshore Race in 27 hours 4 minutes and 9 seconds. That is 4 hours 37 minu ...

  • The first boats have rounded and are aiming for the speed record

    2019-07-01 - ÅF Offshore Race

    The hard wind during the night has made a lot of boats retiring. But not the leading Volvo Ocean 65 HiQ and Ambersail. At 08:15 Monday HiQ rounded as first boat at Hoburgen followed by Ambersail. The boats will pass Visby app. 10:00.

  • Heavy weather caused almost 30 boats to withdraw from the race tonight

    2019-07-01 - ÅF Offshore Race

    During the night the sailors met heavy wether and app. 30 boats have chosen to withdraw from the race to save the boats and the crew. The south westerly winds with over 15 m/s has built up rough sea. To withdraw is showing real good seamanship.

  • Bouwe Bekking is joining HiQ 4 during ÅF Offshore Race

    2019-06-26 - ÅF Offshore Race

    Breaking news – Team HiQ 4 annouces that Gideon Messink will leave the role as skipper on board the VO65 to Bouwe Bekking, former skipper on Team Brunel.

  • Coca-Cola European Partners new Main partner of KSSS

    2019-06-06 - ÅF Offshore Race

    The ocean is the sailor's arena and the power to the sails come from the wind. For KSSS, it is therefore natural to work with partners who care about our environment and want to contribute to a better world. Now KSSS is initiating a collaboration with Coc ...

  • Take the chance now! Women can do far more than we think!

    2019-05-31 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race

    Elisabet Myrby and Ulrika Jernberg are two of the participants at the race course that KSSS arranged for women in collaboration with the network SheCaptain. Now they will sail ÅF Offshore Race with a bunch of leisure sailors. In this article, they answer ...

  • Prepare your certificates

    2019-05-31 - ÅF Offshore Race

    Tomorrow June 1, all competiing boats should have SRS-certificate for 2019 on the Swdish Sailing Federation website. ORCi measurement certificates should also be on the ORC's website for those who sail in ORCi class. In addition, it can be time to ensure ...

  • Two Volvo Ocean Race 65 to ÅF Offshore Race

    2019-05-31 - ÅF Offshore Race

    It will be a real record hunt for this year's edition of the ÅF Offshore Race. Two VO65s have signed up and it will be an exciting fight about the prize "Line Honors". The speed record can also be threatened if the winds are favorable, but first the crews ...

  • Elegant lady Anita from Germany to join ÅF Offshore Race 2019

    2019-05-27 - ÅF Offshore Race

    S/Y Anita is a beautiful 12mR from Germany that will participate in this year’s ÅF Offshore Race in the Classic class. The experienced crew with a fascinating story will be interesting to follow on their way to Visby and back.

  • Fight for Line honors

    2019-05-18 - ÅF Offshore Race

    A few boats will fight for the desirable Line honors in monohulls in this years edition of ÅF Offshore Race. The finish TP52 Zer°emission is one of them. In this article we ask their experienced team captain Samuli Leisti some questions.