Back after 80 years

2017-06-30 - ÅF Offshore Race 80 years ago the ketch ”Peter von Seestermühe” visited Sweden to participate in the race around Gotland. Now she is back as the only yacht in the ÅF Offshore Race 2017 which also participated the very first year.

- It´s great to be in Stockholm knowing that this boat also took part in the first race around Gotland in 1937. We had a marvellous and calm stay in Sandhamn the other day, says the skipper Christoph von Reibnitz, who bought the yacht as a 25-year present to himself 26 years ago.

Peter von Seestermühe has sailed a lot during the years and took part in the first Whitbread Round the World Race in 1973. Every year she crosses the Atlantic to spend the winter in the Carribian.

I knew my yacht had sailed Gotland Runt in 1937 but I did not know that it was the very first Gotland Runt. This I was told in an e-mail last autumn when passing the Bay of Biscay. I asked the crew and they all agreed so now we are here.

One of the oldest participants this year is Gratia, built in 1900, owned by Svenska Kryssarklubbens sailing school. The boat is mainly used to teach youngsters how to sail.

- Some have never been on a sailing yacht, some are very good dingy sailors and some have sailed with their parents says Otto Florestedt, helmsman on Gratia.