Competition analysis: ORCi and Big Boat

2018-06-29 - ÅF Offshore Race So, it is time for the ORCi classes. The boats participating in ORCi are also double scored in the Swedish rating system SRS. The largest, ORCi A are also competing in SRS Big Boat together with two SRS boats. The ORCi B and ORCi C compete in an SRS class of their own. The total winner is the total winner in SRS.

Wallenbergs Club Swan 50 Regina ought to be a good challenger with Björn Österberg and Gutta Johansson among the crew. 

The Finnish Farr 52 Audi E-tron is not competing in ORCi but just in Bog Boat. This boat also made a good result in Suursaari and is one of the favourites.

I saw the German boat Marten 49 Moana performing well in Kiel recently, a third place in one of the longer races. 

Bill Tripp 54 Anthem might also be a boat to observe. The boat has participated earlier in the beginning of the 2000’s with Sune Fogerström as skipper. It is now sailed by Patrick Lindqvist with Thomas Blixt on board and the results I have seen are good.

Favourites in Big Boat and ORCi A: Club Swan 50 Regina – Farr 52 Audi E-tron – Cockson 50

In ORCi B there are many favourites. Both the First 40,7 Naomi and Absolute Blue are always at the top, specially Hans Åke Norstedts Absolut Blue has four podium places the last five year.

Farr 40 Stormtrooper was 11th last year, with 76 boats in the class. They won Lidingö Runt and were good at Sandhamn Open.

MAT 1180 DataCom has had some difficulties in the last edition, but could be challengers for the top places.

Two IMX 40 always at the top are Du Soleil II and Foxy Lady. Du Soley was the total winner 2007 and Foxy Lade won the class 2014. Compared to Stormtrooper and DataCom IMX 40 boats prefer much more beat.

My three favourites in ORCi B: First 40,7 Absolute Blue – First 40,7 – Farr 40 OD Stormtrooper

In the class ORCi C the Estonian First 36,7 Silva ought to be one of the top boats together with the Finnish First 35 Bianco. X-362 Perfect Excuse Too who won 2009 is also possible.Perhaps a small warning for Linjett 40 Femelles, which could become a challenger. They have not made any brilliant results earlier but have good sailors as Hasse Strömvall and Bengt Lindholm.

Favourites in ORCi C: First 36,7 Silva, First 35 Bianco – X-362 Perfect Excuse.

My three favourites in class SRSi B+C: First 40,6 Absolute Blue – First 40,7 Naomi – Farr 40 OD Stormtrooper

Translation: Eva Holmsten