Competition analysis: SRS Multihull

2018-06-29 - ÅF Offshore Race Next class I would like to write about is Multihull. Multihulls have participated to and from in Gotland Runt races over the years. In 1987 there was a class with five boats and the Finnish Dava won. After that it lingered until 2002 before there were any Multihulls on the starting line. Until 2009 there were only a few Multihulls participating, mainly SeaCart 30 and 60-footers. Last year the class reappeared, and four brave participants came to start in an even race where Cremefraes from Estonia won.

This year there are ten boats on the starting line and I think it is rather difficult to say who are the favourites and I am not sure which boats behave best in different weather situations. There are some famous names and I have some past results from the Multihull class so I will try anyway to designate some favourites. 

T29 Plus with Magnus Groth is a boat I think will be in the top. In his crew, Noel Barkelius has great routine and last year’s doublehand class winner with Sun Fast 3600 Groovie.

The boat from Malmö, Today, a Farrier 32SR with Anders Roth is my second favourite. I thought they would win last year but they were third. In the crew there are lots of routine with among others Martin Strandberg, Olympics and America’s Cup competitor. He was once third in Optimist World Championship, but that was many years ago.

Seacart 30 True Look with Peter Myhrström is my third favourite. In the few results I have seen from Multihull True Look is often high up on the scoreboard and they were second in last year’s regatta. Pia L’Obry is part of the crew.

The winner from last year, Cremefraes with Heikki Jürilo as a skipper, shall of course not be forgotten but I think there will be a new winner this year.

So, my three winner candidates are: T29 Plus – Farrier 32SR Today – SeaCart 30 True Look

Translation: Eva Holmsten