Competition analysis: SRS

2018-06-30 - ÅF Offshore Race Now it is time to try to choose some favourites among the 162 participants in the three SRS classes. But first a few words about the winds.

It looks rather certain that there will be northerly winds at least on Sunday. Approximately 18-20 knots out on open water. Less in the archipelago and what happens if the boats have to beat in Oxdjupet. Let us wait and see. But for us spectators it would be nice with good winds at least at the start.

In class SRS C, the smaller boats, there are 49 participants. Last years winner, the Scampi Boj-Boj of course is one of the candidates. Top five in the last five years and if there will be a lot of upwind and downwind it will hardly be a disadvantage for a Scampi.

But there are a lot of boats that want to fight in these classes.

Another hot boat right now is the 33-footer Mithril. A One-Off boat designed by Leif Ängemark and obviously a very good construction. Number eight in the class last year and at the top in Sandhamn Open and total winner of Seapilot2star. 

Mithril is also one of the fastest according to SRS. It could be advantages and disadvantages. It is the same for Boj-boj the slowest boat in the class.

Comfortina 38 Adeline with Lars Karlöf ought to be one of the favourites in the class. Third and fourth the last years and third in Sandhamn Open 2017.

Finngulf 33 La Dolce Vita had some really good years around 2012 when they won Gotland Runt, Watski2star, Lidingö Runt, Ornö Runt and so on. They are still high up in the results but not so many victories. “Only” No twelve last year in ÅFOR. La Dolce Vita could be one of the boats challenging  the top boats.

X-332 Xplorer is another boat with high class and can have a very good result but top three could be difficult.

Other challengers in class C are for example Linjett 33 and Dehler 34 DD.

Top three SRS C: Scampi Boj-Boj – One Off Mithril – Comfortina 32 Adeline

Further on to SRS B there could absolutely be a fight between two Arcona 340. Tiki Minos has the results four, eight, three the last years and it is time for victory now. I know the boat very well and will not be surprised if they are on the top of the podium Wednesday evening.

Another Arcona 340 is Poa Sana with Pia Skoglund as skipper. Then scored “only” 14 last year, but I think they have higher targets. There are lots of good sailors in the crew. Lennart Persson sailed Soling in the Olympics in Seoul and Magnus Lundgren class 470 in Barcelona Olympics 1992. And being an Express sailor I like to mention Lennat Persson who was Swedish Champion in the 80th in Express class. 

I have one more Arcona 340 on my list, Mizar with good Gotland Runt results earlier years. Seventh 2016 a.o. But on Sandhamn Open earlier this year they had really good results, u.a. victory in the Sundays W/L race before Mithril. A samall warning for Mizar from Västerås.

One more Västerås boat is Dehler 36 Shakira. Tenth place last year is good but still one of the worst results for Shakira the last years. I thin they will be among the boats fighting for the podium this year.

We must not forget the Grand Soleil 37 Amarone with Jonas Wiström. Also here a lot of good results but last year they had a DNF and as I only have three places I choose Shakira before Amarone.

Some other challengers are First 34,7 Slaghöken, First 36,7 Gotcha and perhaps Farr 31 Sarah.

My top three in SRS B are: Arcona 340 Tiki Minos – Arcona 340 Poa Sana – Dehler 36 SQ Shakira

Then to the bigger boats in SRS A. Arcona 430 L’Arc Bianchi with Johan Karlberg I see as a favourit in the class. They won 2016 and were second 2015.

Elliot 44 Matador with Jonas Grandér could be a contender. Grandér has made good results earlier but in Marstrand Big Boat Race this spring they did not perform to well. I am hesitating here ….. the Mumm 36 Shogun and K Yote are often high up in the results and someone should get to the podium.

Estonian boats participating in ÅFOR usually make good results, so also Salona 38 Reval Café, third and fifth earlier and good results in international championships.

SRS A is difficult and I still have not decided and still have some lines …..

Richard Göransson is a well known name, at least for us who are interested in international results. His Inga boats are seen here and there, a.o. in the Melges classes. And was not Göransson on board last years winner Furiosa (Big Boat) This year he is sailing a Sparkman & Stephens 46, Inga VII. Perhaps a candidate for the podium?

MC 38 Carbonara is also a contender as well as Aspect 40 Styv. Styv has made good results this year.

The dutch J/122 Maas should also be observered. Fifth last year and J-boats normally perform well.

Some Arcona-boats have been mentioned earlier as favourits and last years total winner was an Arcona 380. Now I shall mention another Arcona and that is Arcona 465 Flyt with Patrik Brandin. It is for me totally unknown , but in the crew there are among others “the weather guru” Langner with very good results in Seapilot2star many years and total victory 2017. On board there are also Mikael Olesen, UK Sailmakers. By the way was not Olesen on the winning boat last year?

Top three in SRS A are: Arcona 465 Flyt – Arcona 430 L’Arc Bianci – Salona 38 Reval Café

This is not easy …..