The start is done – now the real race starts

2018-07-01 - ÅF Offshore Race All classes have now started and are on the way to the open sea. With 12 starting groups and 239 starting boats with 5-8 m/s northeast winds it is not certain that all will go well. But it did this year.

In comparison with last year the first boats will probably be 2,5 – 3 hours earlier at Korsö  and they have a speed of just under 9 knots. The Race Officer Tomas Lund is very pleased that the start is done.

-It was fantastic! No incidents and no OCS (false start). I think many had a lot of respect for the winds and were calm. I also think that our new starting procedure with count down 5-4-3-2-1 helped and also made it easier for the spectators to understand says Tomas Lund.

Now the party is over at Skeppsholmen. The whole organisation moves to Race Office in Sandhamn. More than a hundred voluntaries make a logistic giant move app. 70 km east. Harbour and piers are being prepared for the arriving boats beginning of next week.

The results will be activated, volunteers will monitor the finish at Skanskobb.