Preliminary results ORCi in ÅF Offshore Race 2019

2019-07-02 - ÅF Offshore Race In the ORCi classes there were 50% international participants from Germany, Finland, Estonia, Great Britain, Russia, Poland, Lithuania and Norway. The Norwegian entry Enderpearl was the largest participating boat, 76 feet.

In the ORCi classes, we already have a winner in class A – Swedish Nirvana, a Latini 52 with Skipper Marcus Dennerstedt who finished 5 o´clock this morning. ZeroEmission from Finland with skipper Samuli Leisti, TP52 is now preliminary on 2nd place and the line honour winner from 2018, Estonian Furiosa, skippered by Rolf Relander, Cookson 50, 3rd on corrected time.

Class B ORCi. Jonas Grandér, skipper of Matador, an Elliot 44 who preliminary will win the ORCi B class thought it was rather bumpy but they managed without any incidents. It was their 3rd time sailing around Gotland and 1st time without incidents. They drove the boat at 100% keeping maximum speed but slept, ate and had a lot of fun. Aida, Xp-44, Lennart Evrell, finished happy but wet and is second in ORCiB. Five boats are still racing.

In Orci C we have the results from Visby so far. Leader is the favourite Team Pro4U, Patrik Forsgren, First 36,7, second Naomi First 40,7, Tobias Hemmingsson and third Bianco, First 35, Tuomas Riski.