Take the chance now! Women can do far more than we think!

2019-05-31 - Kappsegling, ÅF Offshore Race Elisabet Myrby and Ulrika Jernberg are two of the participants at the race course that KSSS arranged for women in collaboration with the network SheCaptain. Now they will sail ÅF Offshore Race with a bunch of leisure sailors. In this article, they answer why you should sail and how we can make more girls dare to try.

Why should you join in and sail ÅF Offshore Race?
- Its an experience you never forget! After attending the KSSS race course I was inspired and without the course I am doubtful if I had accepted this challenge.
- Sailing ÅF Offshore Race is something I hardly dare to dream of before. It has felt scary and impossible and it has not been relevant before, but now I have had the opportunity to participate and just couldn't refuse.

Who are you in the crew and which boat should you use?
- Besides us Elisabeth and Ulrika, there are five guys; Jacob, Jesper, Stefan, Max and Peter.
We are all leisure sailors, some of us have sailed a little bit but no one has participated in ÅF Offshore Race before and no one has been sailing offshore before. We dont know each other before so now we have a month to sail together and fix the boat together. We are going to sail a Nauticat 43 called Scatcaten, a big heavy sailboat so it will probably be a fairly stable sailing and will not go very fast. Today we have met for the first time and taken our first trip out on Lake Mälaren and the crew clicked immediately. Everyone agreed that this will be a great adventure!

Do you have any goals with ÅF Offshore Race?
- Our goal is to get around the track and finsh, learn a lot about offshore sailing, eat good food and have fun on board.

Even though interest in women is increasing in ÅF Offshore Race, there is still a very small number of women participating in ÅF Offshore Race and other sailing races. Can we do something to attract more female participants?

- The KSSS race course in collaboration with She Captain was a good example - will be even better if it is girls who hold the lectures, if we can lift up talented girl sailors as role models and perhaps a race for only girls.
- There are so many talented and interested women who enjoy sailing. We see this in the network She Captain that I am involved in. But its a lot about curage. Women are a little more cautious in general and would need to be pushed a little. We have the knowledge as well as the men, but there is little self-confidence. Therefore, it is important with some activities such as. the race course organized by KSSS together with She Captain. It gave a big kick and we feel much better equipped to sail ÅF Offshore Race, even though we feel that we have to study more racing rules.

KSSS tries to increase accessibility so that more people can come out and sail. Has it been difficult / difficult to register so far?
- Well, it was a little difficult to be able to enter as our skipper Jacob wasnt a member in a boat club that was member in the Swedish Sailing Federation. We had to find a new boat club that he could join without too much cost, in order to register for the ÅF Offshore Race. Then it's all this with the safety equipment that should be on board. It is considerably more than we leisure sailors are used to but it is about our safety so it is off course important that everything must be there.

What would you like to say to the women who have not tried sailing or sailing?
- That they put it on their bucket list and do not wait too long to try because it is fun but takes some time before learning rules.
- Take the chance now! We women do far more than we think! And super cool is it. Wish I had tried racing before, but better late than never. Now we run debut in ÅF Offshore Race!