Two Volvo Ocean Race 65 to ÅF Offshore Race

2019-05-31 - ÅF Offshore Race It will be a real record hunt for this year's edition of the ÅF Offshore Race. Two VO65s have signed up and it will be an exciting fight about the prize "Line Honors". The speed record can also be threatened if the winds are favorable, but first the crews must be sail all the way out into the archipelago before these ocean race machines can stretch out.

When the starting gun goes for the second-last start group with the largest boats in this year's edition of the ÅF Offshore Race, it will be extra crowded. In addition to the usual larger boats, the interest in the world's largest annual ocean race has spread further. And these boats are not only on the startline in order to participate.

- Theese boats have very similar speed when they sail out on the open sea. The maneuvers in the initial part through the archipelago will be crucial. If you have good maneuvers and a little luck with the winds, you can get a good lead before the offshore part, says the experienced offshore sailor Magnus Woxén who also holds the current speed record around Gotland with the boat CQS and skipper Ludde Ingvall. CQS is 100-feet long and narrow.

- It's a hard-to-beat record because it is often lighter winds on any part of the track, says Magnus.
The record for single-hull boats that CQS has since 2017 is at 31 hours and 41 seconds, which gives an average speed of 11.17 knots.

The start of the ÅF Offshore Race goes on June 30 right in the inner city of Stockholm. For those of you who have not yet registered, there is still the possibility a few more days. The deadline for application to the regular fee is Friday 1 June.

VO65 boats
Ambersail 2 (formerly SCA) from Lithuania with Arvydas Paunksnis as skipper.
HiQ IV (formerly Brunel) from Holland with Gideon Messink as skipper and largely Swedish crew.

The Volvo Ocean 65 type of yachts, introduced for the 2014-15 edition, is built to a single, tightly controlled set of plans from Farr Yacht Design.

Length (m): 20.37
Beam (m): 5.60
Draft (m): 4.78
Displacement (kgs): 12,500

Text: Stefan Rahm
Picture: Volvo Ocean Race