• Fight for Line honors

    2019-05-18 - ÅF Offshore Race

    A few boats will fight for the desirable Line honors in monohulls in this years edition of ÅF Offshore Race. The finish TP52 Zer°emission is one of them. In this article we ask their experienced team captain Samuli Leisti some questions.

  • Prepare the crew for ÅF Offshore Race

    2019-04-04 - ÅF Offshore Race

    We are getting closer to the start of the sailing season and we are already looking forward to the highlight of the summer, ÅF Offshore Race 2019.

  • Start date 2019

    2018-10-10 - ÅF Offshore Race

    The start date for ÅF Offshore Race 2019 is Sunday the 30th June at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.

  • Du Soleil overall winner of ÅF Offshore Race 2018

    2018-07-04 - ÅF Offshore Race

    Du Soleil, an IMX 40 skippered by Fredrik Hertzman and an amateur team, took a close win on corrected time according to the Swedish rating system SRS in the 2018 edition of ÅF Offshore Race.

  • Wednesday morning

    2018-07-04 - ÅF Offshore Race

    At 8.45 AM Wednesday, 152 yachts have finished the race, 46 have abandoned racing and 39 are still out on the water.

  • Report: Tuesday evening in Sandhamn

    2018-07-03 - ÅF Offshore Race

    t 8.00 PM Tuesday, 40 yachts have finished the race, 45 have abandoned racing and 152 are still out on the water.

  • Furiosa still in front

    2018-07-02 - ÅF Offshore Race

    Furiosa, a Cookson 50 with Rolf Relander from Estonia as Skipper, still leads the fleet around Gotland. They passed the mark outside of Visby at 11.28 am and the next checkpoint will be Almagrundet, 10 Nautical miles before the finish.

  • Sailors rescued from capsized trimaran

    2018-07-01 - ÅF Offshore Race

    The Trimaran, Carbon Tiger has capsized on Gotska Sjön during the evening. The four crew members have been rescued by the Navy Rescue Helicopter, all reported to be ok and without the need for medical care.

  • The start is done – now the real race starts

    2018-07-01 - ÅF Offshore Race

    All classes have now started and are on the way to the open sea. With 12 starting groups and 239 starting boats with 5-8 m/s northeast winds it is not certain that all will go well. But it did this year.

  • Three different races in Stockholm City

    2018-06-30 - ÅF Offshore Race

    Today Saturday at 12:00 the first start of the inner archipelago race ÅF Inshore Race takes place. The course is start at Fjäderholmarna and via Nacka Strand, Lidingö, Djurgården and finish at Kastellholmen. It will take app. 3 – 4 hours to sail. The weat ...

  • 248 yachts in the 2018 edition of the ÅF Offshore Race

    2018-06-30 - ÅF Offshore Race

    A competitive fleet of yachts have gathered in Stockholm for the 2018 edition of the ÅF Offshore Race, a unique race that starts in the heart of the city, stretches through the beautiful archipelago and continues out on open water and round the island of ...

  • Competition analysis: SRS

    2018-06-30 - ÅF Offshore Race

    Now it is time to try to choose some favourites among the 162 participants in the three SRS classes. But first a few words about the winds.

  • Competition analysis: ORCi and Big Boat

    2018-06-29 - ÅF Offshore Race

    So, it is time for the ORCi classes. The boats participating in ORCi are also double scored in the Swedish rating system SRS. The largest, ORCi A are also competing in SRS Big Boat together with two SRS boats. The ORCi B and ORCi C compete in an SRS class ...

  • Competition analysis: SRS Multihull

    2018-06-29 - ÅF Offshore Race

    Next class I would like to write about is Multihull. Multihulls have participated to and from in Gotland Runt races over the years. In 1987 there was a class with five boats and the Finnish Dava won. After that it lingered until 2002 before there were any ...

  • Competition analysis: SRS Double Handed

    2018-06-27 - ÅF Offshore Race

    When writing this, Tuesday morning I realize that the weather predictions are not as yesterday. Now it shows fresh northerly winds Sunday and Monday.