ORCi Information

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ORCi Boats will be divided in ORCi Classes as follows:
Class A: 20 >= CDL > 11.8 Starting with SRS BigBoats
Class B: 11.8 >= CDL > 9.8 Starting with ORCi Class C
Class C: 9.8 >= CDL > 7 Starting with ORCi Class B

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ORCi Entries   ORCi Scratch Sheets
ORCi Class A ORCi Class A
ORCi Class B ORCi Class B
ORCi Class C
ORCi Class C

ORCi Classes will have separate results but all ORCi Boats will also be scored in SRS for the overall throphy.

Overall Winner SRS + Class Prize

On the website current leader and position is presented in SRS.
ORCi results and roundings will be updated approximately every 3 hours.

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